Saturday, September 17, 2011

4G HP Touchpad, AT&T HP Pre 3 4G, and Verizon HP Pre 3 show up on eBay!

3 HP/Palm products that may never make it to market appeared on eBay this afternoon, apparently from an employee who wanted to make some easy cash.  The seller listed the Verizon Pre 3 at $750.00 (USD), several AT&T Pre 3 4Gs for $600.00 each, and the AT&T Touchpad 4G for $900.00.

Why is this ebay listing so cool?  Because it confirms that the Pre 3 was indeed headed for Verizon (The rumored release date was September 18th...), showing off what the boxing looks like for the first time.

The Pre 3s sold out within hours, - while at the time of writing this the 32GB AT&T Touchpad 4G is still available for grabs.