Saturday, April 30, 2011

Verizon to carry the HP Pre 3?

According to a tipster, who sent the leaked photo of a "webOS Evo", the Pre 3 is going to land at Verizon wireless.  Which makes sense, - the last three webOS devices all landed there (Pre 2, Pixi Plus, and Pre Plus, respectively).  And what adds to this, Verizon has a thing for world phones (Which the Pre 3 is).  Hopefully the device will come to other carriers as well (Sprint users miss webOS, not having any new devices since the original Pre and Pixi 2 years ago), and T-Mobile USA hasn't seemed to get any webOS goodness yet.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Mysterious WebOS Slate (HP Pre 3 = Palm c40 part 2)

(quote webosworld)
 The first thing HP introduced to this testing lineup was a new prototype phone with specs they wanted to see in the two previous models. It had:
  • 4" LCD capacitive glass screen 
  •   8MP camera with 720p recording 
  •   Front facing camera
  •   960 x 640 resolution 
  •   DLNA support
  •  1.2ghz CPU 
We have been told that the portrait slider has undergone the most testing. There is a very good chance that the c40 will be shipped looking very much like a Palm Pre on Steroids. We may see many of the prototypes phone’s specs to be carried over to the revamped c40.
This was great news, after the 960 x 640 screen resolution was spotted in user statistics in webOS apps, -- the iPhone wouldn't be the only phone with the "retina display" screen resolution.  The device was predicted to be announced and available by the end of the year, but it never came.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HP Pre 3 = Palm c40

Back last August had an update on what the new webOS superdevice would be - from a leaked Sprint inventory sheet in January of that year the device was dubbed the "Palm C40."  No one had any clue what the device was, but hopes were high because the only two webOS smartphones to be announced at the time were the Pre and Pixi lineups.  Other devices in the leak came to fruitation in the summer of 2010 - the Evo 4G, and various other phones to land at Sprint.

Well, apparently in August, webosworld got their break with what happened to the device and its specs.  The c40 was supposed to be released in July 2010, to help kick off Sprint's 4G device lineup.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Introducing the HP Pre 3

The phone's screen is larger than
any webOS phone's screen to date.
The HP Pre 3 is the latest edition in the Pre lineup of smartphones running webOS.  The true successor to previous models, this is the first real change in the Pre design - a larger screen, a different processor (Snapdragon), a front facing camera, and new features to compete in the ever competitive smartphone race.  The phone remains a portrait-slider, with the same familiar gesture area as other webOS phones.  It's a millimeter thinner than previous 'Pre' smartphones, while the gorilla glass screen is a half inch larger (Going from 3.1 inches to 3.6 inches).  The screen's resolution is also increased - from 320 by 480 pixels to 480 by 800 pixels (shared by most Android devices).

Friday, April 22, 2011

Introducing the HP Veer

The Veer was demoed to be able to
run Angry Birds, but also intense
3D gaming.
Probably the most powerful smartphone for its size, the HP Veer was announced alongside the TouchPad and the Pre 3 at HP's February 9th "Think Big, Think Small, Think Beyond" event.  Apparently HP was thinking small, because the Veer is pretty much a smaller version of the Pre 2, with a potentially faster processor and GPU combination.

The Veer supports wireless
charging by setting it on a
Starting with the form factor:  The Veer is comparable to a the size of a credit card, and could fit inside a deck of cards case.  The device has a 2.6 inch, 320 by 400 pixel, glass touch screen that supports multitouch (If you can fit more than one finger on it, that is) and a slide-out keyboard, which is said to be engineered to be the best keyboard on any webOS device created to date.  The device has a 5 megapixel camera with extended-depth-of-field on the back, but lacks an LED flash - making it the only webOS phone to not have a flash for the camera.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Introducing the HP TouchPad

After months of rumor, speculation, and leaks, announced at HP's February 9th webOS event was the webOS iPad killer - the HP Touchpad.  Packing a similar, but more curvy design than the iPad, the two tablets go head to head with most specs:  They both have 9.7" glass screens with 1024 by 768 pixel, and like the iPad 2 - the Touchpad uses new pixel-on-glass screen technology.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I've grown up with HP products all my life, - ranging from my calculator to my desktop computer.  My first laptop was an HP, just because I knew that they made quality products.

I used to never be interested in the "mobile OS" war, until early 2009 when there was buzz about a potential iPhone killer - the Palm Pre, running a brand new operating system called webOS.  In my eyes the phone was awesome, but there were two things I didn't like about it:  that it was exclusive to Sprint at the time, and that the hardware was considered mediocre.  So I sat it out, waited, and didn't be a first adopter for this new phone - waiting patiently for my carrier to be supported.