Monday, April 25, 2011

Introducing the HP Pre 3

The phone's screen is larger than
any webOS phone's screen to date.
The HP Pre 3 is the latest edition in the Pre lineup of smartphones running webOS.  The true successor to previous models, this is the first real change in the Pre design - a larger screen, a different processor (Snapdragon), a front facing camera, and new features to compete in the ever competitive smartphone race.  The phone remains a portrait-slider, with the same familiar gesture area as other webOS phones.  It's a millimeter thinner than previous 'Pre' smartphones, while the gorilla glass screen is a half inch larger (Going from 3.1 inches to 3.6 inches).  The screen's resolution is also increased - from 320 by 480 pixels to 480 by 800 pixels (shared by most Android devices).

The Pre 3 is thinner than other
smartphones in the 'Pre' lineup.

The Pre 3 has a nice metal finish - the back logo (HP), the volume buttons, the power button, and the ringer switch are not plastic like on previous Pre models.  The keyboard is the largest keyboard designed for a webOS device and is said to be an improvement from previous Palm phones.  The phone keeps the familiar banana like, curved slider, but like the keyboard, is improved upon.

The phone's processor is a Qualcomm MSM 8x55 clocked at 1.4 GHz, and (like the Veer) has a Adreno 205 GPU.   The Pre 3 will also have 512MB of RAM, and storage options of 8 GB or 16 GB.  The phone will be dual CDMA (EV-DO rev. A) and GSM (HSPA+), making it a world phone.
The Pre 3 and a HP Touchpad;
The two can share information
by touching the phone to the home
button, "Touch-to-Share."

The phone has a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with video stabilization technology and a LED flash, and will be able to record 720p HD video. The phone also has a VGA (0.3 megapixels) front facing camera for video chat.

The phone will ship with webOS 2.2, Adobe Flash Player 10.1, and Touch-to-Share compatibility (used with a HP Touchpad) out of the box.  The phone will be upgradeable to webOS 3.0 at a future date.  The phone will support wireless charging on touchstones, and has a 1230 mAh removable battery.
The phone has a nice policed metal
 finish and an updated camera.
The phone has dual microphones for noise cancellation, a compass, USB mass storage support with a micro USB port, and a headphone jack.  The phone will support wifi (wireless a/b/g/n) but also will be able to be a portable wifi hotspot to up to five devices.

Pricing, carriers, and battery life were not announced.  The phone is expected to be available this summer on Verizon's network, but rumors claim it may also land at AT&T and/or Sprint.

Video of the Pre 3 at the UK Gadget Show 2011:
The official introductory video for the Pre 3 (I dunno, call it an advertisement):


  1. i dunno, i think ill stick with my iphone for now.

  2. i just got one of these i really like it actually +1

  3. I actually saw it at the UK gadget show, pretty cool device

  4. im having a tough time deciding which mobileOS i want, you recommended this over android ?

  5. In short, I'll say Yes. I like webOS better than android.

    Hardware-featurewise right now android is a winner (With HDMI out, large screens, dual core processors, 1080p video recording, great battery life, SD card slots, etc depending on what phone you're getting).

    But I'm planning on getting this phone just because the software is great, and to me software is the most important part. WebOS has the best user interface, and it has better quality game apps than android IMO.

    If apps are what matter most - go iPhone. If hardware features are - go android. If you want decent hardware, an ok app catalog, the ability to customize the phone software easily, and have a great user interface go webOS.

    I'll write up an article later this week going into detail what's cool and unique about webOS. :)

  6. looks cool! offered for verizon?

  7. They Qualcomm processor really has some good potential but can the OS take the most of it?

  8. is a nice handset but for the price i think there are better options

  9. I'd say I'm pretty jelly but my Samsung G S has been good to me... save for the y-key lock ups and poor battery life.

  10. *cough* blackberry's lookalike *cough* ^^ it looks nice, too bad it will be out of my reach to try it out :/

  11. wow this is awesome. i do want to buy a phone, but i have so many choices

  12. I dig this phone, it's an HP! Had a hp laptop and loved it, now I need the phone..

  13. I've been using Palm products since 2001, and they always were the best on market. I was really disappointed in Pre, and all their later offerings, but Pre 3 finally seems like they are getting back in game and WebOs seems to be more refined. I'm really considering this as my next phone, as neither iPhone no Android really attract my attention (have Symbian^3 phone now)

  14. Looks sick, good to see hp entering the market