Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I've grown up with HP products all my life, - ranging from my calculator to my desktop computer.  My first laptop was an HP, just because I knew that they made quality products.

I used to never be interested in the "mobile OS" war, until early 2009 when there was buzz about a potential iPhone killer - the Palm Pre, running a brand new operating system called webOS.  In my eyes the phone was awesome, but there were two things I didn't like about it:  that it was exclusive to Sprint at the time, and that the hardware was considered mediocre.  So I sat it out, waited, and didn't be a first adopter for this new phone - waiting patiently for my carrier to be supported.

The Palm Pre Plus was a worthy
 improvement from the original Palm Pre.

Fast fowarding to Spring 2010, the Palm Pre Plus was released.  This phone had twice the memory, double the storage, and a cool LED light instead of a center button.  Build quality was better as well.  WebOS had matured a lot in a year, and since I could finally have a webOS phone on my carrier I got the phone.

But Palm was in trouble.  The little advertising they had for webOS wasn't very good, and the phone sales had been mediocre.  There were rumors of licensing the software, and later on there were talks of a buyout.

But when the buyout was announced, I honestly couldn't believe it.  HP had always been one of my favorite companies in the IT space, and I was wondering what there smartphone strategy would be, as other PC makers were using android and or windows mobile by this time.  HP promised new webOS products "in the coming months", and I waited patiently.

On February 9th, HP held an event to introduce three new webOS products:
 (from left to right: the HP Veer, the HP Pre 3, and the HP TouchPad)
A year later, finally webOS is being looked at seriously by the tech media.  The Touchpad (While I dislike the name) has the tech industry abuzz, being the only "real competitor" to the iPad.  Two new phones, the Veer and the Pre 3 have been announced, and HP promises that webOS will be integrated with Windows on all the PCs they ship by 2012.


  1. Great blog about android. Good read.

  2. I'm a fan of HP products usually, but I've been having issues with their printers lately and it's a shame, because usually their stuff is great quality.