Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HP Pre 3 hits the FCC in dual CDMA/GSM - world phone

Looks like the Pre 3 will be heading to AT&T and Verizon.   After hitting the FCC in AT&T frequencies a few weeks ago, the Pre 3 will also be hitting in a CDMA flavor, with world GSM bands and a SIM card slot.  Sadly it looks like no LTE support.   But, the more carriers with new webOS goodness, the merrier.

A launch seems imminent, with a German carrier having it available for preorder and shipping in the next "5-6 weeks".

Source: FCC / / Wireless Goodness /


  1. i am gettin more and more confused.. dunno what do buy anmore :)

  2. Hope this one actually impresses me, webOS is always going to be the underdog.

  3. wow sounds like an AWESOME piece of equipment:D

  4. Aren't those also Sprints CDMA bands?