Thursday, May 5, 2011

Veer to launch on AT&T March 15th

Yesterday an official release date was announced for the HP Veer 4G -- along with confirmation it would be on AT&T, and would be available in black or white.  The phone will be avalibale for $100 on a two year contract, and is said to be marketed towards those who want a smart phone at a feature phone's price.

Highlighted features of the Veer include that it will have a full version of Adobe Flash 10.1, it will support being a wifi hotspot for up to five devices, and the device will support carrier billing for purchases in the app catalog.

The device will support HSPA+ up to 14.4Mbps per second (like the Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G), and will run webOS 2.1, but will be upgradeable to webOS 3.0 at a future date.

It will launch Sunday, March 15th -- the same day as the Samsung Infuse 4G.

What surprises me is how much better the white Veer looks in real life rather than in some press release shots (Credit to for these pictures, go here for their full gallery):

Unlike previous webOS phones, the Veer 4G's
 branding isn't hidden on the slide-out miror.
HP/Palm opted for a sim card slot on the exterior of the phone
instead of having a easily removable back cover hiding the slot.

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  1. Nice post on HP Veer 4G. Looks like a new phone. I need a new phone, but sadly I am on Verizon. =/

  2. It is quite a sharp looking phone but I don't know about keypads with keys that small. I lack the finesse to use them.

  3. looks like a cool phone man, but I'll never leave my droid :P

  4. I really need to get my research started for my phone

  5. Really pisses me off how they're releasing this on AT&T for $100. I MEAN COME ON. :/ hopefully the pre3 is on sprint.. if not I'm going to have to go droid...