Sunday, May 15, 2011

HP Veer Launched today!

This morning Palm posted a lot of quotes of positive reviews with nice things to say about the phone.  Now that the phone is launched, time to see where the best deal to get the phone is...
A replacement magnetic headphone adapter for the Veer costs $10,  a magnetic adapter to usb cable costs $20.00, and a touchstone to charge the phone costs $50.00.

The phone costs $50 on a contract upgrade or a new contract from HP's website, the black Veer is avalable online at AT&T's official website for $99 on contract,  from you can get the phone for $50 on contract, or $399 off contract, and from Bestbuy's official website you can get either the white or black Veer on contract for free.

So if you want the phone the cheapest on-contract, I'd recommend Bestbuy.  If you want the phone off-contract, Amazon's the only place to get a reasonable price for it.

Anyhow, it looks like the Pre 3 and Touchpad are set to launch in the next couple of weeks - so if you want a decent-sized smartphone and/or a webOS tablet, stay tuned.


  1. cool phone, it's a shame we don't have those sorts of contracts where i live.

  2. If I only had the money I'd buy it! <3

  3. Dang nice phone, shame I don't have any money, I'm due for a new phone. :(

  4. I wonder if they have these to demo at my AT&T store. I am due for an upgrade after all..

  5. looks like a nice phone, but can't afford it atm

  6. Who designed that? Feels like im back at 2000...