Monday, May 30, 2011

HP Touchpad rumored to launch June 12; webOS 3.0 Application Roundup! got their hands on a couple of manuals all pointing to a worldwide release of the Touchpad on  June 12th.  The device is HP and Palm's response to the iPad and will be running webOS 3.0 - a version specifically tailored to take advantage of  large amounts of screen space.

Now with the Touchpad's launch eminent, what applications can we expect to be available on it at launch?

A HP mock-up of a potential
video chat application
All core apps look like they're getting overhauled - the application catalog looks to be removing geo-restrictions on apps (Before applications could only be purchased in certain countries), a new facebook application with facebook chat is said to be in 3.0, and core applications will have social networking integration.  Bing Maps will replace Google Maps as the default maps application, though there still is uncertainty as to whether or not Google Maps will be available to use as well.

Kindle will be avalable for the
 Touchpad at launch
Netflix, Kindle, and Sooloos (A cloud music service) will all have applications for the Touchpad's launch, and HP Labs looks to be bringing an innovative multi-user video conferencing solution to the tablet.  A new music service titled "HP Play" is rumored to also make a debut on the Touchpad.  Citrix Receiver, a professional application used for cross-platform application usability, will be free on launch as well.

Citrix Receiver will be free
for the Touchpad
A number of magazine applications will debut on the Touchpad - Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, OK magazine, AlloCiné, Marmiton Touch,  Orange Mécanique, Auto Motor and Sport, TV drama, Gala, Cinema, Focus Online, N24, and, Armageddon Squadron II, and Angry Birds will be available at launch as well, and with an emulator to run 7000+ older webOS applications.

Do you think HP's got enough applications lined up for their tablet at launch, and if not - what applications would you like to see?
A page of a leaked HP
document about the Touchpad,
including its release date.


  1. Awesome! this things gonna beast.

  2. slingplayer and vevo needs to be added.

  3. Those pads are getting more and more interesting to me, the prize is just a little steep as always.

  4. I think the magazine apps are cool..I'd love to see some game apps though!

  5. I'll get this over the overrated ipad anytime :]

  6. inspires me to get back into programming

  7. I hope it's as pretty as everything HP does :D

  8. wow, i think i'll wait for this to come out instead of the ipad!

  9. i cannot wait for the release!

  10. Better that ipad, thats for sure...